Join us at the ACP Resource & Technology Conference November 14th – 15th in Austin, TX. Luminate’s Nate Croft will speak during Tuesday’s session on “Solar P50 Bias: Are We Narrowing the Performance Gap?”.  In this session, operational data and industry discussions will highlight the potential underperformance of solar assets compared to pre-construction energy estimates focusing on accurately estimating solar project energy production, including resource selection, modelling, plant availability, and energy assessment validation.

Nate Croft is a Senior Manager at Luminate LLC and has seven years of experience in the solar industry as both an independent engineering consultant and a performance analysis engineer. He currently leads the energy modeling team for Luminate LLC. He is experienced in the development and execution of PV energy modeling techniques and advanced analysis, and his independent engineering experience includes on-site QA/QC, design reviews, energy modeling, and capacity testing at projects across North America. He also has a background in asset management and operations and maintenance. Nate has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Integrated Engineering from the University of British Columbia, with a focus on electrical and materials engineering. He has held a NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification.