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Our experience is vast and spans hundreds of thermal power projects comprising 100 GW of generation of nearly every technology and fuel throughout the U.S. and globally – from large central utility plants to distributed generation facilities.

Gas Turbine / Combined-Cycle / Cogeneration

We bring extensive experience with gas turbine based power and cogeneration, including all of the leading manufacturers’ frame and aero-derivative gas turbine technologies, and have provided owner’s advisory and independent engineering services to a variety of stakeholders. Our experience includes over 75 GW of gas turbine based power and cogeneration projects throughout the U.S. and internationally, where we have provided owner’s advisory and independent engineering services in support of new financing, M&A, construction and operations.


Fengate’s Acquisition of the Heartland Petrochemical Complex’s Central Utility Block

Luminate provided advisory and independent engineering services in support of Fengate’s acquisition and financing of the Heartland Petrochemical Complex’s Central Utility Block. This unique, $600 million facility will produce 102 MW of electricity as well as steam and other utilities supporting operation of Inter Pipeline Ltd’s adjacent propane dehydrogenation and polypropylene facilities.


705MW CCGT Newark Energy Center

Independent engineering services on behalf of EIF-NEC (Ares) in connection with the financing and monitoring of construction and commissioning of the nominal 705-MW natural gas-fired, combined-cycle Newark Energy Center in Newark, New Jersey.



127 MW ING Midstream Project

Luminate served as independent engineer for ING Capital’s financing of IMG Midstream’s 127-MW portfolio of six internal combustion engine-based power generation assets located in Pennsylvania. In addition to electricity supply, these natural gas-fired facilities perform grid support functions and are equipped with state-of-the-art clean-burn and emissions reduction equipment.

Solid Fuels / Coal-Fired / Central Utility Stations

With a veteran team, we have broad experience in providing advisory and independent engineering services on solid fueled plants, including coal, waste coal, and lignite-fired power projects ranging from independent power projects to large, central utility stations.


2490 Bruce Mansfield Coal

Luminate supported appraisal of the nominal 2,470 MW Bruce Mansfield coal-fired power generation facility located in Shippingport, Pennsylvania, providing unit characteristics, performance and expense assumptions consistent with the design of the plant, historical performance, expected operating scenarios, and environmental requirements.

Waste Heat Recovery / Combined Heat & Power

Our experience includes waste heat, low temperature heat recovery, waste gas, gas conditioning, organic Rankine cycle, and engine and gas turbine generators. We have extensive experience with organic rankine cycle applications and equipment in the geothermal power and waste heat industries. We bring experience with municipal solid waste (MSW) facilities employing a variety of direct burn and gasification technologies.


Ormat Recovered Energy Generation

Independent engineering review on behalf of Ormat International related to the sale of a portfolio of 10 Recovered Energy Generation plants located on gas pipeline compressor stations in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Colorado.

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District Heating & Cooling

We bring significant experience with district heating and cooling projects, providing technical due diligence, independent engineering reviews, and monitoring of construction and commissioning/testing. We have reviewed city and resort heating and cooling plants and related systems, from conventional chillers and boilers to ocean thermal seawater cooling systems and related infrastructure.


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