Energy and Storage

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Energy Storage Systems, waste heat recovery, combined-heat and power (CHP), waste to energy, district heating and cooling, chilled water plants and other energy recovery technologies.

Energy Storage Systems

We provide comprehensive independent engineering services to the energy storage industry.  Our experience includes both electrochemical and mechanically-based energy storage technologies including systems deployed on both sides of the meter.  Leveraging our extensive experience with energy project finance and resource consulting, we have in-house capabilities to provide technology evaluations, energy storage performance modeling, and independent engineering reviews for standalone and hybrid (e.g. solar, wind, gas turbine) energy storage projects.


Capital Dynamics’ and 8minute Solar Energy’s 400 MW Solar, 300 MW / 1200 MWh Battery Storage Project

Luminate supported Capital Dynamics in establishing its development partnership with 8minute Solar Energy for the Eland solar-plus-storage facility. Upon completion, this 400 MWAC solar and 300 MW/1200 MWh energy storage project will provide record low-cost renewable energy under a long-term PPA with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Capital Dynamics


NextEra 20 MW Solar, 10 MW / 40 MWh Battery Storage Project

Luminate provided independent engineering and consulting services in support of the financing of NextEra’s Pinal solar + storage project in Arizona. This $60 million facility is Arizona’s largest combined solar + storage system and one of the largest solar/storage facilities financed in the US. Pinal is the first of three grid-scale battery storage projects planned to connect to SRP’s system.

Waste Heat Recovery / Combined Heat & Power

Our experience includes waste heat, low temperature heat recovery, waste gas, gas conditioning, organic Rankine cycle, and engine and gas turbine generators. We have extensive experience with organic rankine cycle applications and equipment in the geothermal power and waste heat industries. We bring experience with municipal solid waste (MSW) facilities employing a variety of direct burn and gasification technologies.


Ormat Recovered Energy Generation

Independent engineering review on behalf of Ormat International related to the sale of a portfolio of 10 Recovered Energy Generation plants located on gas pipeline compressor stations in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Colorado.

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District Heating & Cooling

We bring significant experience with district heating and cooling projects, providing technical due diligence, independent engineering reviews, and monitoring of construction and commissioning/testing. We have reviewed city and resort heating and cooling plants and related systems, from conventional chillers and boilers to ocean thermal seawater cooling systems and related infrastructure.